LizAnn Carson

Because I like happy endings

Goddess of the Edges

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  Website Text Goddess of the Edges

Goddess of the edges of the day,
trailing coral scarves across a dusky sky,
your hair awash in amethyst,
your shoes all aflame –
not for you the hard edges of light,
the expected doubts of darkness.

Yours is the changing time,
where gradients are guides, and insights appear
from shadow.

Yours the reflection and the silhouette,
yours the mist that wraps the field,
the melding of sky’s boundary with sea.
Yours the unknown of beginnings,
the softening of endings. Yours the flickering beacon light
on the path
to the unclaimed future.

Website Text Charlie

Charlie loves us,
yappy little ginger thing in her green plaid sweater,
planting wet paws on my jeans
whenever we meet.
Charlie dances on her hind legs,
overcome with the joy
of walks and smells and people.

Charlie’s mistress grips the short leash.
Far too thin after the surgeries,
she welcomes a pause to rest,
a neighbourly chat in the afternoon sun.

They move slowly together
down the sidewalk, complementary energies,
neither able to run free.



Website Text Old Ones at the Well

The well is in the center of the plaza
at the center of the village.
No one remembers its history,
or when it wasn’t there.

In the near-dawn an old one appears, as sturdy as the land.
She carries a bowl.
She goes to the well.
Within moments, she is joined
by generations of the old ones of the village
bringing their bowls to the well.

No words are spoken or needed.
An invisible current connects them
to each other, to the well, the plaza, the village.

Then a sound, like faraway chant:
the old ones murmur in an ancient tongue,
pull water from the well
and dip their bowls.
Each sips, each sprinkles a few drops
on the pavement of the plaza
at the heart of the village.
They turn then, and vanish,
as silently as they came.

The plaza glows with the colours of the sky.
The first person comes
to draw from the life-giving well.
More come, all day, to the well on the plaza
at the center of the village.

The water is clear, and sweet, and pure.

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