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Hello, everyone. I’m LizAnn Carson, and I write. Up to now, most of my work has been romance fiction, with some poetry thrown in, but I’m branching out: my current work in progress is a gentle fantasy.

As you’re here, welcome! Look around. You’ll find pages for my books, with excerpts.  A book of my poetry, Goddess of the Edges (published under my “real” name, Elizabeth), came out in 2015. Seducing Adam and the first three volumes of the Calter Creek series are feel-good romances, a little warmer than ‘sweet’ but not erotic. All are available from major online booksellers. There’s a novella, too, The Day of the Wedding, which is a prime example of what happens when I unleash my inner goof.

In the blog you’ll find  my musings about what it’s like to try to balance writing and real life, as well as reflections on what I like and don’t like, do and don’t do. It’s fair to say I like a lot; while sometimes writing is all-consuming, I get a kick out of hanging out with my family, handicrafts, colouring (love the new craze of adult colouring books) and other art forms, going for long walks, reading, sleeping …

Yep. Lots to love.

Hope to see you soon,