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Hello, everyone. I’m LizAnn Carson, and I write. Mostly, I write whatever I feel like writing; when you explore my work you’ll find poetry, romance, and fantasy.

A book of my poetry, Goddess of the Edges (published under my “real” name, Elizabeth), came out in 2015. Showing life from a woman’s perspective, the poems are straightforward, generally easy to understand, and short.

Seducing Adam and the four volumes of the Calter Creek series are feel-good romances, a little warmer than ‘sweet’ but not erotic.

In Seducing Adam, city meets small town when a hot-shot executive arrives on a small island off the west coast of Canada to pave the way for a logging operation. But the town, and especially the owner of the bed and breakfast where he stays, have other ideas.



In Calter Creek, a small city in Central Ohio, four women in their thirties and forties find their destinies. Amanda manages her family’s import business and has no time for anything else – until she meets the new accountant. Pat finds herself up against an old nemesis, a developer who intends to put a new mall  across the street from her house. Mel  has found the man of her dreams – or has she? And when Mary meets an unlikely man in a bar, everything she thought she knew is turned upside down.


In my fantasy series, Aura Weavers, you won’t find vampires, werewolves, evil empires, too-powerful sorcerers, or invading hordes of demons. Instead, picture a peaceful agrarian land where life is predicated on the existence of the life-giving planetary Aura. A small group of people known as Weavers – Healers, Bards, and Scribes – use the Aura to enhance their innate skills. When a new force threatens the Aura, three Weavers are destined to play significant roles in repairing the damage.


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Tales of the Aura Weavers follows on from the Aura Weavers saga. Each book is a complete story, building on the lands and people originally presented in Aura Weavers.




The Day of the Wedding is a prime example of what happens when I unleash my inner goof.





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In Once Upon an Attic, romance blooms among long-abandoned attic treasures, with a little help from a friendly ghost.





In the works are more stories set in the world of the Aura Weavers, more poetry, more goofiness involving a red dragon, and – possibly – a completely new fantasy world.

About me: While sometimes writing is all-consuming, I get a kick out of hanging out with my family and friends, handicrafts (currently tatting) and art. Recently I’ve been learning to play early music (Baroque and earlier) on my baritone ukuleles. I go for walks, read a lot, watch my cats sleep…

Yep. Lots to love.

You can find the books on your favorite online platform. I’m at