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Hello, everyone. I’m LizAnn Carson, and I write. Mostly, I write whatever I feel like writing; when you explore my work you’ll find poetry, romance, and fantasy.

A book of my poetry, Goddess of the Edges (published under my “real” name, Elizabeth), came out in 2015. Showing life from a woman’s perspective, the poems are straightforward, generally easy to understand, and short.


Seducing Adam and the first three volumes of the Calter Creek series are feel-good romances, a little warmer than ‘sweet’ but not erotic.

In Seducing Adam, city meets small town when a hot-shot executive arrives on a small island off the west coast of Canada to pave the way for a logging operation. But the town, and especially the owner of the bed and breakfast where he stays, have other ideas.



Calter Creek is a small city in central Ohio. There, three women in their thirties and forties, whose stories interlock, find their destinies. The heroine of Amanda manages her family’s import business and has no time for anything else – until the new accountant turns up. Pat finds herself up against a developer – and old nemesis – who intends to put a new mall  across the street from her house. And Mel has found the man of her dreams – or has she?




As well, I have written a fantasy series, Aura Weavers. You won’t find mystical beasts, vampires, werewolves or were-anythings, evil empires, too-powerful sorcerers, or invading hordes of demons here. Instead, there is an agrarian land where life is predicated on the existence of the life-giving planetary Aura. When the Aura is threatened by a mysterious power source, a small group of people known as Weavers – Healers, Bards, and Scribes who work directly with the Aura – must fight for their way of life.


There’s a novella, too, The Day of the Wedding, which is a prime example of what happens when I unleash my inner goof.




Dreams and Promises is an anthology of short stories and novellas set in Canada, in honour of our country’s 150th anniversary of Confederation. They range in time from the fur trading era to modern day. Other authors include Anna Markland, Jacquie Biggar, Sylvie Grayson, Reggi Alder, and Alice Valdal.



In the works are a fourth Calter Creek novel, the bare beginnings of a follow-up to the Aura Weavers series, and a book of novellas tentatively called Tales of the Aeon: the end times, when nothing is quite what it seems and your senses cannot be trusted. (The first novella is another goofy one, this time about a baby dragon.)

About me: While sometimes writing is all-consuming, I get a kick out of hanging out with my family, handicrafts (currently quilting) and art. Recently I’ve been learning to play early music (Baroque and back) on my baritone ukulele. I go for walks, read a lot, watch my cats sleep …

Yep. Lots to love.